Workshop 07 Session 02 Overview

Episode 1 September 10, 2021 00:00:49
Workshop 07 Session 02 Overview
W07 S02
Workshop 07 Session 02 Overview

Sep 10 2021 | 00:00:49


Show Notes

There is quite a bit to cover in Session 2, of Workshop 7..

You will be showing the attendees how to take their new members through the syllabus starting from the option in the Builders menu entitled, “Our Syllabus”.

From there you will be showing your attendees how to guide their new members through the network-building journey diagram; explaining the difference between the full syllabus, and the fast track, and going through the first steps of their fast track.

As you go through this, your attendees may realise they need to spend quite a bit of time onboarding their new team members. So, it is important that you explain to your workshop attendees that Workshop 7, Session 1, is all about the value of making the effort to onboard new members. In other words, the onboarding process will help them build great relationships with their new team members as well as creating a duplicating team of team building advocates.

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