Explain the fast track to your new member

Episode 2 September 13, 2021 00:01:43
Explain the fast track to your new member
W07 S02
Explain the fast track to your new member

Sep 13 2021 | 00:01:43


Show Notes

When your new member selects the 'Fast-Track' option (from the Builders Menu), they will see a mindmap of the steps you’ll be progressively working through during your weekly onboarding sessions.

These options are:

1. Your first steps.
2. Your homework.
3. Start inviting.
4. Create a filtered list.
5. Consistently invite.
6. Learn to use the My Most Trusted app.
7. Decide to get good at it.
8. Learn, Interact, Ad-vo-cate.
9. Work on developing yourself
10. Improve your leadership skills
11. Learn additional productivity tools

Note that each step in this mindmap with a tick icon has a clickable link associated with it.
Click each step in the diagram to go to its associated link.

As you can see, there is a great deal of content to go through here.
However, there’s is no rush - you’ll be working through this with them during your weekly session over the next 4-6 weeks.

During this time, you will get to know your new team member better, develop your relationship with them and think about how you can best ad-vo-cate for them to others you know.

Although you are investing significant time in your new team member, your investment can be very worthwhile because:

Great team members will consistently ad-vo-cate for you, others in your team and others they meet in the Connect Collaborative..
Some will build massive networks and will ad-vo-cate you to those networks.

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