Give your new member an overview of the Syllabus

Episode 1 September 12, 2021 00:03:08
Give your new member an overview of the Syllabus
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Give your new member an overview of the Syllabus

Sep 12 2021 | 00:03:08


Show Notes

Registering a new team member is the first step on on-boarding your new member.

The registration steps are well documented in the Syllabus with lots of easy to follow screenshots..

After they have registered, ask your new team member to click on the Builders menu which has now appeared at the top right-hand side of their screen..

When your new team member clicks the Builders menu, the options for this menu will be displayed.. Ask them to choose the option entitled “Our Syllabus”. They will find this option in the centre column under the heading: “Learn”..

When your new team member accesses this option, they will be shown a mind-map that has the following clickable options:

Your Network Building Journey..
All Courses plus an awesome search feature..
Fast Track Perspective...and.
Your Fast Track..

Let’s have a look at each of these options:

Ask your new team member to click the option entitled: “Your Network Building Journey”.

This diagram helps your new team member see the whole picture.

However, you don’t have much time to dwell on this diagram, so just skim through it quickly.

Now, ask your new team member to click the option entitled: “All courses plus an awesome Search function”..

This will show them the entire course grid. This course grid shows all the courses we have available in our syllabus. Explain, however, that you will be guiding them through a “fast track” so they can get going much more quickly..

The most crucial thing to emphasise here is the SEARCH feature.

This search feature is powerful and easy to use. This means, it will enable them to quickly find anything they are looking for anywhere in the Syllabus..

Demonstrate how powerful and easy this search function is to use by entering the search term: “intro session” into the search field (without pressing the enter key)...

After a few seconds, a list will be displayed..

Select the first result shown to go to the page which shows how they can enter themselves and their guests in for a CC intro session..

Note that the Course Grid and search function can also be accessed by selecting the option: “Search the Syllabus” from the Builders menu...

Now, ask your new team member to click the option entitled: introduction to the fast track..

Explain that your goal is to help them fast track rather than learn the entire syllabus..
In general, the sooner they start inviting the better. They can learn as they go!

As they gain more confidence and experience, they will probably want to refer back to the syllabus, to learn more insights into various aspects of the process...

It’s production before perfection. As their connector, you want to get them to experience "discovery calls", with carefully selected candidates, that could be great team-building partners for them..

Explain that they should not see their discovery call as a chance to promote the Connect Collaborative. Instead, they are looking for people to join their team...

Also, explain that you will help them onboard their first few team members. This will give them more confidence to just start setting up their discovery calls without worrying about what comes next..

Now, ask your new team member to click the option entitled: “The Fast Track”..

Explain that they will be frequently accessing the fast track option, and, to facilitate fast access, “The Fast Track” is also shown as a separate option in the Builders menu.

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